Second City, Second Metro: Extended Coverage for the Ottawa Hospital Council

The Ottawa Hospital Agency wanted to spread its wings a little. The Royal Ottawa was part of the Agency. Image: City of Ottawa Archives, CA008381 (1960).

In the same way that residents of the outside urban and township municipalities were anxious to either have freer access to Ottawa’s hospitals or have their own hospitals, the Ottawa Hospital Council was anxious to find a way to have those outside residents pay a few more bills. 

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Regional Council Meets for the First Time (1968)

Source: Ottawa Citizen, July 4, 1968, 17.

Months before it was even officially “a thing”, the first meeting of the Council of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton was held on July 3, 1968. The aim was to set the stage for the regional municipality official first day of January 1.1Ottawa Citizen, July 4, 1968, 17.

I promise that I’m not trying to get ahead of myself: testimony and research from Murray Jones’ Commission will continue to be transcribed. 

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1. Ottawa Citizen, July 4, 1968, 17.

Rideau Street at Mosgrove (1977 and 1978)

Hudson’s Bay Wholesale Delivers (1970s)

An HBC Wholesale truck parked along Elgin Street, late-1970s. Image: HBC Heritage.

Zeller’s on Sparks (1956)

Zeller’s on Sparks Street in 1956, in anticipation of its post-renovation grand re-opening. The store had been open since 1932, so the renovation was welcome. Image: HBC Heritage.

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