Second City, Second Metro: Nepean Hydro “provides superior administration by retaining a local interest and identity.”

Nepean Hydro was made possible by years of organization and advocacy and became a reality in 1964. The new utility was not about to voluntarily fold. Image: Hydro Ottawa.

Nepean Hydro, having only been formally a separate utility since 1964, showed little interest in being swallowed whole by Ottawa Hydro as part of the reorganization of local government.

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Second City, Second Metro: Cumberland Council Seeks Divorce From Prescott and Russell

Cumberland Township’s Council looked over the border to Gloucester and wanted a new relationship. Image: Excerpt from Archives of Ontario, RG 1-100-0-0-417 Map #10.

Had nearly all the other voices in Cumberland Township not been enough to drive the point home that alignment with Carleton County, rather than remaining with Prescott and Russell, was what was wanted, then the voice of Cumberland Township’s Council might have been what was needed to seal the deal.

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Panda Associates Captures The Sandringham

A few weeks back, I wrote a bit on the Sandringham Apartments in Sandy Hill. While browsing the Panda Associates collection at the University of Calgary, I came across a few more views and have shared them here. 

Second City, Second Metro: Carleton County “is a form of regional government”

Carleton County officers in 1956. Image: City of Ottawa Archives, CA036364.

Carleton County Council, as the representative body most geographically aligned with the study area, had a whole lot to say to Commissioner Jones in its favour. 

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