Second City, Second Metro: Extended Coverage for the Ottawa Hospital Council

The Ottawa Hospital Agency wanted to spread its wings a little. The Royal Ottawa was part of the Agency. Image: City of Ottawa Archives, CA008381 (1960).

In the same way that residents of the outside urban and township municipalities were anxious to either have freer access to Ottawa’s hospitals or have their own hospitals, the Ottawa Hospital Council was anxious to find a way to have those outside residents pay a few more bills. 

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Regional Council Meets for the First Time (1968)

Source: Ottawa Citizen, July 4, 1968, 17.

Months before it was even officially “a thing”, the first meeting of the Council of the Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton was held on July 3, 1968. The aim was to set the stage for the regional municipality official first day of January 1.1Ottawa Citizen, July 4, 1968, 17.

I promise that I’m not trying to get ahead of myself: testimony and research from Murray Jones’ Commission will continue to be transcribed. 

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Notes   [ + ]

1. Ottawa Citizen, July 4, 1968, 17.

Second City, Second Metro: Nepean Needs a Hospital

Nepean had eyes on a lot, but not yet a building for its hospital. Image: geoOttawa (1965)

The rapidly-growing Nepean Township needed a hospital and much like Harold Denman, the Nepean Township Hospital Committee made sure its arguments for one were heard.

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The Bay on Rideau from Above (1981)

Aerial photograph of The Bay on Rideau taken in 1981. Source: HBC Heritage.

The HBC Heritage account on Twitter is always a great source of images of HBC stores and HBC owned/acquired retailers. This aerial photograph was identified to have been taken in 1981. As someone who likes a finer-grained street grid, I still think Mosgrove should not have been closed off for the Rideau Centre and Bay renovation. 

Second City, Second Metro: Ottawa Separate School Board – “the principal of equal opportunity is being violated.”

The Roman Catholic Separate School Board of Ottawa had one thing in mind when its submissions were made to the Jones Commission: money. Although the Board was pleased with what it was able to accomplish in Catholic education with the funds it had been allotted, the 70% difference in per-pupil funding vis-a-vis the Public School Board did not sit right.

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Second City, Second Metro: Nepean Hydro “provides superior administration by retaining a local interest and identity.”

Nepean Hydro was made possible by years of organization and advocacy and became a reality in 1964. The new utility was not about to voluntarily fold. Image: Hydro Ottawa.

Nepean Hydro, having only been formally a separate utility since 1964, showed little interest in being swallowed whole by Ottawa Hydro as part of the reorganization of local government.

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