Second City, Second Metro: Nepean Needs a Hospital

Nepean had eyes on a lot, but not yet a building for its hospital. Image: geoOttawa (1965)

The rapidly-growing Nepean Township needed a hospital and much like Harold Denman, the Nepean Township Hospital Committee made sure its arguments for one were heard.

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The Bay on Rideau from Above (1981)

Aerial photograph of The Bay on Rideau taken in 1981. Source: HBC Heritage.

The HBC Heritage account on Twitter is always a great source of images of HBC stores and HBC owned/acquired retailers. This aerial photograph was identified to have been taken in 1981. As someone who likes a finer-grained street grid, I still think Mosgrove should not have been closed off for the Rideau Centre and Bay renovation. 

Second City, Second Metro: Ottawa Separate School Board – “the principal of equal opportunity is being violated.”

The Roman Catholic Separate School Board of Ottawa had one thing in mind when its submissions were made to the Jones Commission: money. Although the Board was pleased with what it was able to accomplish in Catholic education with the funds it had been allotted, the 70% difference in per-pupil funding vis-a-vis the Public School Board did not sit right.

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