Second City, Second Metro: Ottawa Board of Trade Calls for Growth

The Ottawa Board of Trade (members pictured here in 1955), recommended Ottawa’s expansion to the outer boundary of the Greenbelt. Image: City of Ottawa Archives, CA035720.

Having appeared with a last-minute submission before the Jones Commission, officials of the Ottawa Board of Trade recommended a two-municipality structure similar to that envisioned by earlier deputants.

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Note:      The Review was notified during the public hearings that this Brief was under preparation, but could not receive the required consideration and approval of the Board's membership in time for the submission at the hearings. It was accordingly agreed that it would be submitted later, for inclusion in this summary report.

     The Brief recommends:

1) That the City of Ottawa should be expanded to the outer limits of the Greenbelt.

2) That the area remaining within the present boundary of Carleton County should be formed into a single municipal corporation.

3) The liaison machinery should be established between these two bodies (i.e. a joint regional authority) so that those problems which are common to both may be dealt with in the most effective and efficient manner. 

4) That some effective procedure should be developed whereby problems inherent in the dual role, i.e. municipality and national capital, can be resolved on a continuing basis.

     The joint regional authority should have jurisdiction over such functions as area planning, health, hospitals, schools, police, welfare, assessment, regional parks and recreation facilities, arterial roads and bridge construction, public transportation, traffic engineering, air pollution control, Emergency Measures Organization, industrial development and tourist promotion. The Federal government should be represented on this regional authority, and it would also serve as the local arm of provincial authority.

     The two local municipalities, Ottawa and Carleton, would have jurisdiction over sewers, water, internal circulation, community planning and community parks and recreation facilities, etc.

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     The three Ottawa school boards would expand to administer the enlarged City of Ottawa area. Primary schools in the County area would become the responsibility of a County Unit. The present administration of secondary schools in the townships by the City authority has proven satisfactory, and might well be expanded. Joint action in retention of school staff, purchasing, etc. should be considered. 

     A complete reassessment of the entire area would presumably be required.

     Federal and Provincial properties, including those of Crown Corporations and the Military should contribute grants equivalent to normal taxation, with credit allowed for government installations which provide their own services.

     All financing arrangements, financial records, assessments, billing and administration should be provided by a central staff serving the entire area, for greater efficiency.


This represents the end of the submissions made to the Jones Commission. Next up? The Commission’s Report on Research Findings, dated February, 1965. Admittedly, this is a bit backwards, as it was prepared before the testimonies. That is just how I have gone about this transcription. After all, I began this little adventure with the Commission’s final recommendations.