Second City, Second Metro: Another Voice for Regional Government

Michael Lackner appeared before the Jones Commission in support of a regional government.

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     A system of regional government should be established on a partnership between an enlarged City of Ottawa (to the inner Greenbelt limits, including Rockcliffe Park and Eastview) and a reorganized County (to include Cumberland and possible Russell Townships, both of which are socially and economically aligned to the area.)

     The present Township form of government would be replaced by a strong County authority, elected at large. A Board of Arbitration, composed of three elected representatives from the County, three from the City and a provincially appointed Chairman, would deal with conflicting matters on planning and finance. It would have power to order and enforce necessary changes, possibly through the Courts. Representatives on both the City and County Councils should be elected at large.



     During the discussion Mr. Lackner clarified certain points in the Brief, noting that the proposed regional government would comprise only two municipalities, one called Carleton extending from the inner limit of the Greenbelt to the present County boundaries on the west and south, and taking in Cumberland and possibly Russell townships to the east, and the other the City of Ottawa enlarged to the inner Greenbelt. Each would elect its councillors at large, and each would also elect at large three representatives especially and solely as members of the Board of Arbitration, which would have a Provincially appointed chairman.