Second City, Second Metro: Collegiate Board Members Should be Elected

A.L. Dubé, a teacher in Ottawa for 35 years between 1923 and 1958, offered the following observations.

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     The following observations are made from experience as an Ottawa Secondary School teacher between 1923 and 1958:

1) Ottawa Collegiate Institute Board members, presently appointed by the City administration, should be elected at large. As 55% the taxpayers dollar ($10 million locally) goes toward education, the electorate should be concerned about school management and expenditure of school funds, particularly the letting of all school contracts. 

2) Ottawa needs junior high schools, grades 7 to 10 inclusive. At least 65% of Grade 9 students fail if "proper standards" are maintained. 

3) The French minority in Ontario should have the same treatment as the English minority in Quebec, in both schooling and administration. While 20% of secondary school enrolment is French speaking educators should be considered democratically for positions as principals, vice-principals and administrators in the Ottawa system as they are at the provincial level.



     There was not hearing in connection with this Brief, as none was requested.