Second City, Second Metro: Parkwood Hills is Satisfied with Nepean

The advertising campaign for Minto’s Parkwood Hills began in September 1959. Image: Ottawa Citizen, September 24, 1959, National Home Week Supplement, 3.

Much like Lynwood Village, Crystal Beach, and other new subdivisions in the Township of Nepean, the Parkwood Hills was also by-and-large satisfied with the foregoing arrangement in 1965. No representative of the Parkwood Hills Community Association appeared before Jones.

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Parkwood Hills is a very desirable residential area in Nepean, immediately adjacent to Ottawa, and presently contains about 1,800 families.

Nepean Council has been highly responsive to the needs of the residents, and is truly representative of the people; it is also cooperative with other municipal bodies of Carleton County, as evidenced by the Health Unit, Suburban Roads Committee and other joint bodies.

A change to a more centralized type of government, or annexation by the City of Ottawa, would be undemocratic and dangerous and would result in local government much less suited to the special needs of the various parts of the review area involved.

The only improvements that could be envisaged would be to increase the number of councillors and their remuneration. Any form of metropolitan or regional government must lead to bureaucratic delays, loss of contact with the people, and unfair and inadequate representation.



There was no hearing in connection with this Brief, as the Association did not wish to appear.