Second City, Second Metro: No Change for Bell’s Corners Property Owners’ Association

Bells Corners from above in 1965. Image: geoOttawa.

Next to submit a brief to Commissioner Murray Jones was the Bell’s Corners Property Owners’ Association.

There isn’t much to say about this one, as the Bell’s Corners Property Owners’ Association decided to stand behind a lengthy and somewhat alarmist report submitted by one of its Executive Committee members, Mr. D.O. Campfield rather than independently recount the same points that were made so passionately. Campfield’s missive will be posted tomorrow.

- 25 -



  There is little to argue with in the Report on Research Findings, but attention is drawn to the enormous change in parts of the review area since 1963, the date of most statistics in the Report.

  This Association is satisfied with the existing system of local government although a change in the size of Nepean's government seems necessary. 

  The Association hopes to present considered opinions after examination of the summary of briefs. 



  The submission was made by Mr. D.O. Campfield, Past President and member of the Executive Committee of the Association. 

  With reference to the point in the Brief concerning the size of Nepean's government, Mr. Campfield noted that this need results from the rate of growth rather than the absolute size of Nepean, and suggested that the resulting heavy workload could be better carried by expanding the council, the staff, or both.