Second City, Second Metro: All Systems Go in Crystal Beach

Crystal Beach and Crystal Bay. Satisfied with its wagon being hitched to Nepean Township in 1965. Image: Google Maps.

In 1965, Crystal Beach was a new community. Constructed by Minto, marketing for the subdivision commenced in the Winter of 1961 and was advertised alongside the builder’s other major projects of the time: Parkwood Hills (Meadowlands) and Hawthorne Meadows (Smyth  & Russell).

As the representative for the Crystal Beach Community Association, geographer Alan Rayburn offered little particular input, save for the claim that the small group of Nepean Township councillors was too small and could use some help to manage the affairs of the rapidly-growing township. His comments on the Report on Research Findings otherwise came off as feedback for a woefully incomplete upper-year undergraduate essay on the topic.

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  It is assumed that this brief should merely comment on the Report on Research Findings, and that it will be possible to express opinions later, both before and after the submission of the Commissioner's recommendations to the Minister.

  The Report is generally excellent but would have been improved by:

  inclusion of a short review of existing Ontario legislation regarding municipalities;

  a few comments on new municipal government legislation in practice and proposed in Canada and the United States;

  discussion of police villages;

  deletion of Plate 5 which draws sector boundaries through municipalities;

  a full discussion of the functions of the National Capital Commission which operates as a special kind of municipality and does not have to answer to local citizens.

  Turning to the present system of government, the Association are satisfied with the services, facilities and taxes in Nepean, and would expect compensation over a number of years if required to join the City of Ottawa. There should be more elected officials in Nepean, however, and the Reeve's salary should be more adequate. 

  It might be suggested that those who work in the City of Ottawa share a responsibility with all Canadians for its collective maintenance. 



  The brief was submitted by Mr. Alan Rayburn, President of the Association. 

  With reference to the assumptions in the Brief that

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  a) it should merely comment on the Report of Research findings, and that

  b) it will be possible to express opinions after the submission of the Commissioner's recommendations to the Minister, the Commissioner pointed out that the briefs should contain opinions based on the Research Findings, and that the Review procedure does not call for public hearings after recommendations are made to the Minister (although there will no doubt be opportunity for comments to the government at that time).

  The Commissioner also acknowledged the validity of the Brief's criticism of the Report on Research Findings with the exception of the comment of Plate 5.

  In amplification of the Brief, Mr. Rayburn noted that more elected officials are required not for better representation, but to bear council's heavy workload. He also suggested that an adequate salary for the Reeve would be $8,000. plus.