CMHC Presentation Drawings, 1970 (Part 2: Bathurst, NB)

CMHC Presentation Drawings (1970).

The second instalment of sharing these CMHC plans is a housing project located a five hour drive west of the first in Antigonish.

This housing development in Bathurst, New Brunswick began life in 1969 and, as is the case with most of the projects in this folio, is a collection of row houses and duplexes. In this case, the 142-unit project was constructed on a good-sized lot along Chaleur in West Bathurst.

As is the case with the seniors’ development in Antigonish, these appear to be kept in reasonably good shape.

This particular development reminds me of the row housing along Westmount Boulevard in Timmins in the vicinity of Melrose Gardens.

Westmount towns in Timmins along Westmount. Image: Google Maps, 2009