CMHC Presentation Drawings, 1970 (Part 1: Antigonish, NS)

CMHC Presentation Drawings (1970).

Admittedly, I’m something of a document packrat. If a document, file, or collection is interesting to me and I am able to collect, I will. It’s partially why I have terabytes of digitized materials collected and why I haven’t yet found a way to stop. One source that I check on a near-daily basis is the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation’s (CMHC’s) FTP site. It first came to my attention a few years back when they began to allow Google to index it and I have been watching since.

As the federal “point man” in housing for more than 70 years, the CMHC’s voluminous holdings are (or at least should be) the first stop for anybody looking to research in the field. That is how I mostly use it, but I also like to share materials that I find interesting. In this case, I’ll be sharing the projects found in David Crinion’s CMHC Presentation Drawings (1970).

Admittedly, the Orchard Villa apartments in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, then might not have been the place to begin if a lack of breathing space was my main concern. I don’t have access to back issues of The Casket from the era1LAC’s collection appears to end at around 1937, but I would love to be incorrect. and the large collection of CMHC materials that I have collected has yet to shed more light on the specific nature of the housing project.

Nevertheless, as the first project outlined in CMHC Presentation Drawings, it belongs here. As seniors’ housing under the auspices of the Eastern Mainland Housing Authority, it appears to be well maintained.


1 LAC’s collection appears to end at around 1937, but I would love to be incorrect.