Unlike the front page where I try to keep the stories a bit more formal and well-cited, the blog page is for less formality, more opinion, and unstructured thoughts. It’s also a place to share a bit more of the sausage-making of history from the perspective of someone caught in the middle of three approaches.

Norm’s Open Kitchen

Norm’s Open Kitchen in 1973. Image: Keith Beaty / Toronto Star / Toronto Public Library, Baldwin Collection Item TSPA 0114771f.

We’ve seen it happen a few times recently here in Ottawa. A business attracts a clientele that the neighbourhood feels is a threat and works to have the business removed through regulatory measures. In Toronto, Norm’s Open Kitchen was one of those establishments.

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“That’s why I say hey man, nice shot.”

The Fuji Finepix SL 280 has served me well, but it’s time for retirement.

I recently decided to retire the Fuji Finepix SL280 that I have been using for some time to collect archival documents. As of late, my iPhone 7 has been doing the job of document collection and it has been a considerable step up. The Fuji did its job admirably over the years (easily 200,000+ frames taken), but the (very) slow auto-only focus, poor low(er) light performance, and stunning ability to blur around the edges of the frame has left my wanting more.

It will likely get more use, however, as the 28X optical zoom allows me turn streetscapes into Boris Spremo-approved urban dioramas.

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Tragedy on Gladstone, 1953

It’s fairly unassuming today and may even catch your eye for the formerly commercial addition. Image: Google Maps, May 2016.

It’s sometimes a happy story, and sometimes a sad one, but buildings always have stories to tell. In the case of 82 Sherbrooke in Ottawa’s Hintonburg, it’s the latter.

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Then & Now: Parliament and Winchester

Parliament and Winchester, southeast corner, 1954 and 2015. It’s wonderfully-restored and a listed property, but gosh do I wish that 1941 signage would have been kept.1See the city staff report for details about the 2005 renovation plan.

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1. See the city staff report for details about the 2005 renovation plan.
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Then & Now: Parliament and Dundas E

Parliament Street and Dundas East, 1954 and 2016.

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