Second City, Second Metro: The Eastview Public School Board Supports Regional Government

The Eastview (Vanier) Public School Board declined to send a representative for the in-person hearing portion of the Jones Commission, but did submit its views in writing. The written submission indicated that it was supportive of some form of regional government.

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The Eastview Public School Board is in favour of some form of regional government for the following reasons:

1. Most of the services required for Eastview depend to a
great degree on the goodwill and co-operation of Ottawa

2. Services such as transportation, hydro, fire protection,
water, sewer, etc. are completely inter-related with those
provided for Ottawa.

3. Duplication of administrative services including all
government agencies, council, school boards, health, etc.

4. City of Eastview too small to operate economically within
the limited area of two square miles.

5. Limited facilities to provide employment for citizens.

6. Closer examination would reveal lower taxes are due to
lesser services provided.

It has also been agreed that the loss of some autonomy would be more than offset by the advantages available under a regional government.


* No hearing was held for this submission as the Board
did not wish to appear.