Second City, Second Metro: So What Exactly Was The Problem? The Solution?

In 1965, Don Reid was Ottawa’s mayor. This photo is from 1956: nearly ten years before Reid found himself in the Big Chair™. Image: City of Ottawa Archives, Item CA038104.

Following up from the last instalment, Jones’ third chapter laid out the report’s objectives and offered up a brief discussion about some possible solutions.

In short, local government in the Review area was not sufficiently responsiveresponsiblecapablecoordinatedequitableefficient, or adaptable. Something had to give. In a hint leading up to his detailed recommendations in Chapter 4, Jones dismissed calls for a federal district, a separate province, and the calls to do do nothing at all. In this commission, all that was left was to do something borrowed or something new and since Ottawa was not Toronto, Jones tilted towards something new.


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