Second City, Second Metro: Murray Jones and the Creation of Ottawa-Carleton

Feet up, mission accomplished. Ottawa became Ontario’s second two-tier municipality in 1969 following his charing of a local government review in 1965. Planner and chair Murray V. Jones kicks his feet up in this 1969 photograph taken for the Toronto Star. Image: Norman James / Toronto Star / Toronto Public Library, Baldwin Collection, Item TSPA 0058455f.

In May of 1964, former Metro Toronto planning commissioner Murray Jones was appointed by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs J.W. Spooner to head up a commission of one to study just how the reduce the friction in the relationship between Ottawa, its surrounding municipalities, and the Federal and Provincial governments.1”Will Probe Carleton,” The Globe and Mail, May 29, 1964, 10; “Mayor Hails Ontario Study,” Ottawa Journal, May 29, 1964, 3. The problems had been longstanding, had cropped up in even the most mundane of situations, and were as much a headache to deal with for the Province as they were the municipalities involved.

This post represents the beginning of what I intend to be a long-running series. Since I do not yet have the time to dedicate to establish the sort of narrative and analysis that I would like to quite yet, I have decided to do this a little bit backwards.

For years now, the text of the Ottawa, Eastview & Carleton County Local Government Review (1965) has been sitting on my hard drive. Chaired by Jones and assisted by Research Director Donald M. Paterson, they released their recommended course of action after months of research and weeks of public hearings. After a few tweaks, the result was the reformation of Ottawa and its surrounding municipalities in Carleton County (and part of Prescott-Russell) into the two-tier Regional Municipality of Ottawa-Carleton (RMOC).

Before I take the time to write about the RMOC in earnest, I have decided to share, in parts, a transcript of the Final Report and Recommendations, which will be followed by the Report on Research Findings and the Summary of Submissions. A slow drip, below is the first portion of the Final Report and Recommendations.


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1 ”Will Probe Carleton,” The Globe and Mail, May 29, 1964, 10; “Mayor Hails Ontario Study,” Ottawa Journal, May 29, 1964, 3.