A Dog By Any Other Name (Season 1)

The finest of all the dogs.

I haven’t exactly hidden that The Littlest Hobo is one of my favourite shows. In addition to being a consummate piece of Canadiana, it was the first show I ever really was able to identify and I get to play “where in Toronto is this” when I watch. The other day, Kathleen remarked that it would be funny if someone had tracked all of the names that Hobo was given by his human costars through the series. Although someone may have, after a brief search, I did not find a source. A bit surprised, I figured that I’d go ahead and do it myself.

Below are the names used in Season 1, arranged by episode:

  1. Smoke – “Smoke” (as in “that’s just how he appeared. Out of the smoke.”)
  2. Manhunt Pt. 1 – “Einstein
  3. Manhunt Pt. 2 – “Einstein
  4. The Defector – “Sport
  5. Double Trouble – “Friend
  6. Silent Witness – “Dear
  7. Target for Terror – Nick” (as in “just in the nick of time”)
  8. Heritage – “Partner
  9. Little Girl Lost – (unnamed, referred to as “Robin Hood” once)
  10. Boy on Wheels – “Catcher
  11. Stand In – “Friend
  12. Second Chance – Spot” (due to his decidedly non-spotted markings)
  13. Big Al and Sam Strawberry – “Lucky
  14. Give My Regards to Broadway – (unnamed)
  15. The Last Job – “Butch
  16. Snapshot – “Slapshot
  17. The Million Dollar Fur Heist – “Sidekick
  18. Diamonds Are a Dog’s Best Friend – “Mr. Magic
  19. Romiet and Julio – “Friend
  20. Escape – Mack
  21. Guardian Angel – (unnamed, referred to as “Friend” and “Guardian Angel”)
  22. The Pied Piper – “Dr. Schäferhund
  23. Willy and Kate – “Buddy
  24. The Further Adventures of Willy and Kate – “Buddy

I’ll do the same for each of the show’s subsequent seasons.