Blog: Another Social Media Departure

Au revoir, Instagram

I’ve never had any particular fear of social media. It has served a purpose and I’ve had a good time over the years on many platforms. I surprised myself, however, when I decided to get myself off of Instagram this week. It was a long time coming I suppose. A number of things have changed since I joined the service in 2013.

Essentially, I found that engagement has bottomed out and like so many social media platforms, it has become more of a personal broadcast and advertising service. Communication is, in other words, mostly one way. With the rapid adoption of the Snapchat-like Stories, what did remain has mostly been taken into private conversation. With all that, I decided that it wasn’t for me anymore.

I still take plenty of pictures though. They’re up at, which can also be found in this site’s navigation menu above.


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos link! You’re work here has always inspired and informed me and lead to a deep interest in the areare history. When reading the news can be depressing, your posts are great to read with coffee over breakfast! Thanks again.

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