Blog: Why All The Transcription?

I’ve been transcribing a bunch lately. Why’s that?

Aside from myself, nobody’s really asked why I’ve been transcribing things so much on this site. The following answers ‘why’ to myself and anybody else who might be wondering. 

  1. The main reason for why I’ve chosen to transcribe more documents is that they’re more accessible that way.  While I tend to like PDFs and other file formats with more formatting built in, they can be somewhat less accessible. I use them daily in my professional life, but they score pretty low when it comes to being able to have access to the text. By transcribing them, anyone who views this site will have no problem just copying the text of the document and doing what they please.

  2. Most of these documents are found in archives and are unlikely to be digitized any time soon. Whether they are reports, council minutes, or correspondence found in an archive, the likelihood of them being digitized for public benefit any time soon is slight. I’ll likely be long gone before they are. Although I have my own uses for these documents, others may find them useful for their own purposes.

  3. It’s something quick. Some of these are transcribed quickly and I can keep sharing interesting information while keeping up with my other commitments and responsibilities.