Day: July 1, 2018

Second City, Second Metro: Cumberland Village Sues for the Divorce of Cumberland Township from Prescott and Russell County

Though architecturally satisfying, the County Court and Jail at L’Orignal were simply too far away from Cumberland. Image: Goad’s Atlas, 1908.

Next up in the Submissions was another voice hailing from Cumberland anxious to leave the relationship with Prescott and Russell and open new horizons with Carleton.

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Blog: Ottawa Housing Statistics, 1961

An unnamed census enumerator poses for National Film Board cameras in 1961 at the Carleton Lodge. Image: Rudi Wolf / National Film Board / Library and Archives Canada, Acc. 1971-271 NPC, Box 85, Item 96768 (e011177427).

One of the more important sources I have relied on to gain some type of impression of the state of housing in the Ottawa area is, unsurprisingly, the Census. Although not immune to critique, Census data, even at the worst of times, has been a useful source to raise further questions, develop leads, and find new and interesting ways to reframe our understanding of just what it meant at various times to take, produce, regulate, manage, maintain, improve, demolish, and Рdarn it Рactually enjoy shelter.

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