Boris Spremo, 1936-2017

Toronto’s first peek at the $100;000 sculpture was obtained when Star photographer Boris Spremo (below) sprawled at Nathan Phillips Square and stuck his camera inside the protective case. Image: Norman James / Toronto Star / Toronto Public Library, Baldwin Collection, Item TSPA 0104329f.

It’s not something that I normally do, but I’d just like to acknowledge the passing of Boris Spremo.

Spremo, like one of my other favourite photographer, Ted Grant, is decorated highly for his dramatic photographs of politicians and of war zones. For my own part, it was his day-to-day photography for the local newspaper that has always stuck with me. Spremo’s work in theĀ Toronto Star represents one of the most impressive set of eyes on the rapidly-growing city and his body of work continues to provide me with so much inspiration for stories to write.