Laurentian View’s Apartments, 1955

Eastwood Gardens. Image: June 2015.
Doug O’Connell’s Eastwood Park Apartments. Not a Laurentian View apartment, but a similar model in many ways. Image: June 2016.

A few days ago, I posted a lengthy story about cluster developments of apartment buildings in suburban neighbourhoods during the 1950s. While I made every attempt to be as complete as possible, I had found that information pertaining to the three clusters (two of which were complete and listed in 1955) in the Laurentian View area was somewhat difficult to come by. There were few reports quickly found in either the Journal or the Citizen, and Might’s Directory, being what it is, was less than useful in learning names and ownership at the time. To that end, since it’s just so conveniently located, I headed out for the Land Registry Office.