Many Melting Months

In all its Woolfsonian glory. Image: August 2014.
In all its Woolfsonian glory. Image: August 2014.

Once again, I haven’t been writing as often here (or elsewhere) as much as I would have liked to recently. As it would turn out, grad school is much more work than I had really anticipated. Where I was preparing and working during much of August, I am now doing my readings, doing preps for a class I’m TA-ing, and generally getting back into the swing of things. The cobwebs are being removed.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that I haven’t been researching anything in local history. In the background, I’ve been assembling a longer piece on the exploits and adventures of the brothers MacDonald who, much like the Assaly family, have certainly spent their share of time in the pages of the local newspapers.

In the meantime, I’ve knocked out a small piece for Ottawa Start about the short time that Marvin Chodikoff was active in the region.

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