This Just In: I’m Not Dead

The Lisgar facade of the former Elgin Theatre. The outlines from the signs before it closed as part of the Famous Players chain in 1994 remain visible. Taken December 2013.

Hello. I promise you that I will not leave this dangle for too much longer. Between my day job, my contract research, and a host of other adult-type responsibilities, I’ve had a hard time keeping up. Rest assured, I’ve many lengthy pieces dedicated to pieces of Ottawa history, both large and small in progress. Next up is the Video-Aire Company‘s showroom at 190 Somerset W. They sold the Visionaire television, manufactured (or distributed) by the United Television Company operating out of Toronto during the mid-1950s. A trip to LAC to peruse the Department of Consumer and Corporate Affairs’ (now Industry Canada) files on the company should clarify that part of the story.