Mayor Whitton on Housing, 1952

Charlotte Whitton, City of Ottawa, Ottawa

Coming only four months after her Fall inaugural address, Mayor Whitton spared her Council colleagues by delivering a much shorter address1By her standards. It was still much longer than those delivered by her predecessors. that focused on developing a sense of urgency and the setting aside of small differences. The Mayor’s address listed 10 points, with housing […]

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mayor Whitton on Housing, 1951

Charlotte Whitton, City of Ottawa, Ottawa

After having shared excerpts from Mayor Charlotte Whitton’s 1953 inaugural address about housing on Saturday, I thought it might be somewhat interesting to share them from 1951, when she took over as mayor from Grenville Goodwin who passed away suddenly that August 28.1”Seven Hour Seizure; Mayor Stricken When Shopping on Mann Avenue,” Ottawa Journal, August 28, 1951, […]

Monday, January 30, 2017