Mayor Whitton on Housing, 1952

Charlotte Whitton, City of Ottawa, Ottawa

Coming only four months after her Fall inaugural address, Mayor Whitton spared her Council colleagues by delivering a much shorter address1By her standards. It was still much longer than those delivered by her predecessors. that focused on developing a sense of urgency and the setting aside of small differences. The Mayor’s address listed 10 points, with housing […]

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Mayor Whitton on Housing, 1951

Charlotte Whitton, City of Ottawa, Ottawa

After having shared excerpts from Mayor Charlotte Whitton’s 1953 inaugural address about housing on Saturday, I thought it might be somewhat interesting to share them from 1951, when she took over as mayor from Grenville Goodwin who passed away suddenly that August 28.1”Seven Hour Seizure; Mayor Stricken When Shopping on Mann Avenue,” Ottawa Journal, August 28, 1951, […]

Monday, January 30, 2017

Mayor Whitton on Housing, 1953

Charlotte Whitton, City of Ottawa, Ottawa

As I’ve noted previously, I have been working on a thesis about the Ottawa Lowren Housing Company, which was Ottawa’s city-owned, privately-operated limited dividend housing company. Although she was not the inventor of the limited dividend approach to housing, Mayor Charlotte Whitton was among the first Canadian municipal leaders to have any real measure of success making use […]

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Laurentian Terrace: The Dominion’s Residence for Women in Ottawa

Apartment, Charlotte Whitton, Development, Ottawa, Sussex Drive

As Canada’s war effort continued through the early 1940s, the number of civil servants increased along with it. Many men were serving overseas and hundreds of young women were hired (after an initial lull) to work as stenographers and other junior administrators. When they arrived in the city from around the country (or left their parents’ […]

Tuesday, February 10, 2015